Where is the AMT3 Custom Ninja Trike Now?! | Catching Up With AMT Machine Shop


Hey guys! Today on the show we've got a very special guest we've been meaning to catch up with for quite awhile now!

We came down to Adam's Machine Shop (AMT Machine Shop http://www.amtmachineshop.com/) to talk about the past few years and what projects have caught his fancy ever since our episode on his custom Kawasaki Ninja-Powered Trike went a little bit viral (2.5M views).

AMT shares the space with Steveston Motor Co., a company dedicated to the restoration and more importantly, the customization of classic Minis. https://stevestonmotorco.com/ Look out for more in-depth video features on a few of Adam's latest creations soon! We'll be shooting an episode on his AWD, widebody Mini very, very soon! :D Enjoy.

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