2022 Acura MDX Type-S Review | Japan's First REAL Performance SUV?!

Welcome back! Today i'm driving Acura's ultimate flagship performance SUV: the NEW 2022 MDX Type-S. The 355hp 3.0L turbocharged V6 under the hood has a lot to prove, especially when put next to some of its European competitors that provide a bit more "theater" through the driving experience.

Currently the 3rd quickest Acura in the lineup, behind the NSX Type-S and TLX Type-S. It's the same V6 that powers the TLX, just with a lot more weight to chuck around. Forged crankshaft and connecting rods. *hint* ready for more boost!

At first it didn't feel as powerful as I thought it should have, but that was until I truly was able to stretch its legs. Because the 10-speed feels the need to shift so often under 80kph (it shouldn't) the rush of torque doesn't really come into its own at low speeds. 80kph+ pulls in 4th and 5th are immense. There was an internal dialogue: "AAAHHHH now its awake." Very fast.

It's heavy, but able to mask weight well. RDX felt more tossable, but this Type-S is far more planted and stable, easy to drive fast in the mountains. 
True torque vectoring here, too. 70% can be sent to the rear wheels, and 100% of that can be sent to either the right or left wheel.

First Acura air suspension has four ride height settings, try and guess which photos are in "lift" mode. +2 inches of ride height.

Try not to think of this as the "Type-R" or "AMG"/"M" SUV from the Acura lineup. It blends luxury and performance incredibly well...

It just... needs more noise in sport+ mode!

$83,000 CAD as tested.

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