850+ HP BMW M Coupé "The Clown Shoe" | The Strangest BMW Ever Made!


Hey guys! Today Marcus is behind the wheel of an 850+HP BMW M Coupé running on E85, one of the most polarizing vehicles ever made. Is it ugly? Is it beautiful? It's a little bit of both, honestly. With a custom Vortech supercharger setup under the hood feeding the 3.2L S54 engine from the BMW ///M division, this car gives the turbocharged E46 M3 we filmed a run for its money. Enjoy!

Thanks again Ghery, Vik, and the rest of the guys over at Garage 54 for making this happen! Check out their work below!


HUGE THANKS to Ian of ExclusiveCarSociety for making this shoot all come together. I think an executive producer credit is in order ;)

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