Daigo Saito’s 2JZ Supra Pro Drift Cars for 2020 are INSANE! | Tokyo Garage Tour


Hey guys! Here's another adventure from my time in Japan! This time, thanks to Sky from Drift Academy, I was able to spend the afternoon at Daigo Saito's garage just outside Tokyo, Japan. The highlights of his shop include quite a number of brand new 2020 Toyota Supras, all of which have been 2JZ-swapped for the most robust JDM power one can have. These cars are currently being prepped to be sent overseas to compete in Formula Drift USA 2020 so it was quite the opportunity to see them at this stage before heading straight into the heat of battle. We also ran into Shinji and Masayo Minowa at their shop just next door! Pretty crazy if you ask me. Enjoy!

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