He Evacuated His 900HP Skyline R34 GTR From Japan During The Pandemic!


Hey guys! Good friend of the show Charles Wong ( @CW Collective ) recently brought his iconic 900+HP Nissan Skyline R34 GTR back from Japan into Canada during this global pandemic. In what was basically an evacuation, the car returned back home and Charles was kind enough to invite us out to take part in unloading and putting Canadian plates back on. It was quite surreal seeing is back in Canada for the first time in 2+ years considering the last time we saw this car was back in Tokyo during our first trip overseas. Many of you may remember a video we shot back in 2017 when Charles imported three of these R34 GTRs. This one was always meant to be the track monster out of the bunch, and since that day it has slayed Laguna Seca, Tsukuba Circuit, Fuji Speedway, and driven on countless road trips in North America and Japan. Under the hood is a 950+HP RB26DETT with a sequential racing transmission so conquering large tracks like Fuji don't phase it one bit. Today was our first time driving this car and it's only a taste of what's to come this summer. Enjoy!

:D A&J Racing https://www.aj-racing.com/

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