Here’s Why Tokyo Auto Salon Will Make A Great Return. | Ground Zero of JDM


Hey all! Today's video is a bit of a trip into the time machine.. This is Tokyo Auto Salon 2020. As of now, it's the last "normal" Tokyo Auto Salon after the announcement that the the 2021 show is not happening this year. With Japan's borders still closed to tourists as of now, it's not too much of a disappointment for us here in North America, but I had all of this leftover footage that was never released so figured we could take a look at the show from a new perspective! Plenty of JDM goodness, turbos, and of course Koi fish and sushi. Enjoy.

p.s. Sorry for the poor audio quality inside the show! :/ I added subtitles to Rico's section if you'd like to turn the volume down. Cheers!

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