Here's Why You Should Import This RARE S15 Nissan Silvia Today | Style Points.

Welcome back! This is Evan's Nissan Silvia S15 Varietta, built by Autech in the late 90s and one of the most rare Silvias ever built. 

A couple weeks ago I made the impulse decision to ask Acura if I could drive the 2024 Integra Type-S I was testing that week up to Kelowna, BC, about a four hour drive from Vancouver. Yes, my intentions were pure and that meant reuniting with one of my favorite roads in the area to grab some footage for the review but once I was done rinsing the K20's turbo for all it was good for, I had an itch for more.

About a year earlier I had met up with Evan (@tomorrowwillsoonbeyesterday) through a mutual friend of ours to shoot and drive his incredibly rare Daihatsu Hijet Super Jumbo on a chill country road with incredible views. This year was different, and because Evan's constantly on the search for something to stimulate his driving senses in a new way, he brought out his S15 Nissan Silvia Varietta. 

Evan's got good taste. That much is obvious, but what I didn't expect was to be meeting him at the infamous August Luxury Motorcars. We had shot a couple videos at their smaller showroom years ago but this was something new that was begging for an in-person introduction. Yes, the S15 Varietta stuck out like a sore thumb amidst a sea of GT3s and Murcielagos but nonetheless it felt like my eyes were playing tricks on me when I stumbled upon an incredibly clean FD RX-7 in the back as well. Great mix. It just felt surreal to see a few of my childhood JDM heros hidden in a forest of modern supercars. Dues: paid. Huge thanks to Timmy Gregson (@timmygregson) and Patrick Morgenthaler (@haveyoumetpatrick) for the open door. 

Long story short, Evan and I would go on to chase the smoky sunset in the S15 Varietta and had a few scares dodging horses on the side of the road in the process. The car drove great and I of course I could go on an on about how Autech totally butchered the S15s good looks from most angles with the Varietta but i'll just make you watch the video instead. The link is below. 

The night was still young and after shooting we eventually made it to one of the local weekly meets in an industrial areas nearby, put on by @automobiles_and_caffeine. As predicted, there was limited attention directed towards the Type-S, I assumed because #1 it's a new car "without any soul" and also #2 because that night they were passing around a hat, gathering votes for a people's choice award for Best Toyota. I'm not sure how or why but I've never been to a weekly meet like this with so much community involvement but it added a relaxed competitive edge to it without folding into some ego-filled, takeover-esque behaviour. It was a tangible atmosphere and something I'll be sure to return for in the future. 

To cap it all off we pulled off an impromptu photoshoot with local photographer Colin Chatfield (@steazyvisuals) which I'm hoping you spotted in last week's email write-up. 

I love road trips. It's just something about them that never fails to stir up some new emotions, friendships, work relationships, or maybe just a few glances at vehicles I've never laid eyes on before. Oh, and did I mention wakeboarding with friends? There's always time for that. Until next time.

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