I Imported My Dream JDM Sports Car From Japan!! | Banned in the USA.


What's up guys! Here's a totally different style of video for you today. I imported one of my many dream JDM cars from Japan! This is my 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T. Now for those of you who are like "Marcus that's lame it's not a GTR", I totally understand but clearly I would have a GTR if I had $120k of disposable income lol. We ain't no supercar vloggers out here buying new cars every week 😂 That being said, the GT-T absolutely stands on it's own as a very successful and technologically advanced sports car for its time. The GT-T is about 300lbs lighter than the GTR since it ditches all the added weight from the AWD system in favour of the more "hoon" and drift-friendly RWD. It has a factory installed Nissan "Sports exhaust" system with a valve for both quiet and loud motoring, four wheel steering in order to make the car a bit more stable at high speed but also more nimble at lower speeds, and the infamous RB25DET NEO under the hood. I've been waiting years to import one of these and it just seemed like the right time!! I hope you guys like it :D Lots more videos to come.

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