Inside The Tokyo Underground Car Scene! | A Double Shot of JDM Culture


Hey guys! As some of you may know, I was in Tokyo, Japan for 12 days enjoying the city and everything it has to offer. Not just on the automotive front either. While yes, I spent time around some crazy vehicles and incredibly accomplished drivers as you will see over the next few episodes, I also spent time just enjoying the country as a tourist and gathering inspiration wherever I could. I even ventured over to the West coast of the country to film a video with my friend Sid for his Koi fish business. This was by no means a trip specifically planned to exclusively film content for Roads Untraveled, but I can't ever seem to put the camera down, so here is an introduction to Tokyo as seen through my eyes! Enjoy! - Marcus. MUSIC: The Game - Ali Bomaye (Instrumental) ¡MAYDAY! - Forever New

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