This LS-Swapped Porsche 911 is Everything Purists Hate About RWB | “Elrod”

Welcome back! This is Will's 993 911 RWB that's been slightly modified to include both a 6.2L LS3 V8 behind the rear wheels and an RWB kit installed by Nakai-San himself. About six months ago we stopped by Will's shop (Autodromo Racing and Development) in Richmond, BC to witness the transformation of an underwhelming automatic 993 with nothing but an empty engine bay and a bright future. 993s are of course the last of the air-cooled 911s and at a time when Nakai-San is largely focused on the advancement of his 997 projects, a 993 build seems like the right move to me. There's no logical reasoning behind that statement, nor does there need to be. Not when dealing with RWB. 

As polarizing as RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF has become on the internet over the past 10 years, its undeniable road presence can only be accurately judged in person and on the road. Will's been daily driving this car in the rain, snow, and sun for these past six months and from where I'm standing the blame for that solely lies with the LS3. Mount America's most beloved V8 workhorse into Germany's national treasure, invite one of Japan's most notorious automotive artists to leave his mark on it, then step back to appreciate a one-of-one sports car that's itching to be driven.

This was another one of those days where the line between work and play was so severely blurred that the day seemed to last forever. Looking back now that was more than likely due to the echoes of the LS ringing in my ears for the days following. 

Our friend Elvis (@TheGoldenDrive) joined us for this video, which seems to be a trend with a few of these recent engine swapped cars I've driven. Half the day was spent nerding out over his new camera setup (see below) which both distracted and helped our cause trying to capture every curve, crease, and detail on Will's 911. His channel can be found in the video description!

Thanks for watching.

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