Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T vs. Modified Laurel Club S | RB25DET JDM Battle!


Hey guys! Today we're driving two of the most exciting and notable USA-illegal JDM imports out on the street in an attempt (or public service announcement😂 ) to prove that you can experience 90% of the excitement and adrenaline of a 2JZ-GTE or RB26-powered car, but for 1/10th of the price. This is a Skyline vs. Laurel battle!! As you've probably all seen by now, the USA market for JDM imported vehicles continues to expand and force itself into the American car culture more than ever. Because of this skyrocketing demand, enthusiasts have taken it to themselves to import and, in this case, manual-swap these slightly less expensive variants such as the RB25DET R34 Skyline and Nissan Laurel Club S, in an attempt to quench that ever elusive JDM thirst. We think they've absolutely succeeded in doing so. Do you?! Enjoy!! :D

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