This Nissan Skyline R33 Pandem Twists the Definition of “Clean”

     Welcome back! This is one of those cars where a year or two can pass without seeing it on the road but one day the thought comes up "Hey where did that R33 go?". Most times this happens we come to find out the project has either permanently been exiled to a limbo state or it's been sold altogether, it's fate never to be known again by those who cared.

     Coleton's Pandem R33 Skyline is a prominent exception to this all-to-familiar expectation. I remember seeing this GTS-T a handful of times when it belonged to Alex Turnbull, so to see it come full circle this year, almost unrecognizable, has been an incredible spectacle. Although I'm not traditionally the "show car" type, there's something about the time and dedication that's been captured under the hood and around those curves that hits home and reminds me with the right hands behind a project it can work properly in almost every environment, not just in front of camera or at a show.

     Not everything has to come overnight. Patience has been a crucial pain point embedded in millions of custom cars of our time, and it will continue to be the unsung hero only few can truly appreciate. 

The video is linked below. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out Coleton and Boost Factory below!


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