The 2022 BMW M240i Ruined the M2 and Supra? | A Heated $50k Question.

 2022 M240i xDrive or the BMW Supra?! I thought the answer was going to be the obvious "rwd > awd" but turns out it wasn't. The Supra tax is a real thing.

Both are 3.0L B58-powered @ 382hp.

M240i is able to launch three of your friends to 60mph very quickly vs. just one.

This heavily-optioned M240i is $53k usd vs. $52k usd for a base B58 Supra.

Yes, the Supra feels more twitchy and hopped up on adrenaline more often. 😁. But. In sport traction or traction off in the M240i I had plenty of unexpected moments trying to keep the rear end from doing its own thing. Active M LSD is standard.

Point is, M240i is technically more car for the same $$. Which is crazy because it's the one with the BMW badge. That's the Supra tax.

M240i isn't perfect. Front end looks a bit awkward from certain angles (head-on being one of them) and the tail lights are spaced too far apart.

Good car.

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