The 700HP HPA Motorsports Audi TT VR6 Turbo | Unleashing Primal Chaos.


Hey guys! Today HPA Motorsports has given us the opportunity to drive+film their widebody Audi TT FTX700 VR6 Turbo. Without fail, HPA has delivered top-notch insanity to the streets of Canada and around the world for the most daring German car enthusiasts that exist. This Audi TT VR6 turbo is the latest in HPA's arsenal and delivers a balance of power, durability, and quality that not many builds are ever able to achieve, not without an entire team and years of development. At HPA, they run all their cars through brutal durability testing on a "rolling road simulator," which puts vehicles throuvaryinging conditions and temperatures. The horsepower readings from their dyno are reported at the crank, as to put up a good comparison with stock numbers that the OEM reports. Therefore, the 705HP and 790lb/ft of torque are calibrated at the crank to take advantage of that comparison, although placing this vehicle on a standard (higher reading) DynoJet or DynoPak dyno would produce more or less the same number at the wheels. Just to clarify! Hope you guys enjoy the video, we had a lot of fun filming at HPA and won't hesitate to bring you guys the next crazy build these guys whip up. - Marcus

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