The Ferrari F12 Will Outlast Most Modern Ferraris! | Unpredictable V12 Madness


Welcome back! The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is quickly becoming a modern classic for a combination of its striking presence, godly V12 soundtrack, and of course the tire-melting 730HP that's tough to ignore once you find a road long enough to let it loose. It was succeeded by the 812 Superfast, yet another V12 GT Ferrari that will surely become one of the final N/A supercars to leave the production line. It's clear to me these won't be losing value anytime soon! Today is one of these days that makes me appreciate the ability to just hit the road without a destination and enjoy the drive, regardless of what car you're driving. I'm just grateful today it's an ear-shattering Italian V12 :) Enjoy!

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