The INSANE Lotus 7 Turbo Kit Car That *Almost* Spun Me Off The Road!


Welcome back! Today on the show we're driving this custom 3TC-powered Lotus 7 kit car that was an absolute pain to keep on the road! 20 psi is thrown through the Greddy turbo on a good day and into the modified Toyota engine of an era passed. Not only are the sounds distracting enough, but if you're not incredibly careful you may just burn yourself on the exhaust dump on the side of the car! We got away burn free today. As you can see the rear end was a handful to keep in check on the street with so much low-end torque so we found in the end it just needed some open space to really let loose! Enjoy.

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  • Mark Tsui

    Hi, I am the original builder of this car! It’s had a lot of changes made to it, but glad to see the new owner having fun with it. Here is a video I made of it shortly after building it:

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