The Legend of RWB Porsche 911 “Prince of Eights" | Rauh-Welt Begriff Japan!


Today on the show we find ourselves behind the wheel of Sid's 1988 Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Targa. Over the years this car has gone through extensive modification, even beyond the initial build completed by Nakai-San in 2016. Since then Sid has driven with Nakai at the infamous 12-hour endurance race "Idlers" in Japan and over the years it's experiences such as this that have shaped the build and pushed it into this new decade. What is most apparent though is the removal of the riveted on fenders in favour of a more clean and complete widebody look. In addition, equal length headers have been added to unleash that signature higher-pitched yet smooth sound these Flat 6 engines are best known for. Be sure to follow Sid on Instagram! Enjoy!


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