The Toyota Celica GT-Four Was Once The Undisputed JDM Rally Icon.


Today we're taking a time machine back to 1996 and driving one of the greatest homologation rally cars of all time: the Toyota Celica GT-Four. With a 252 HP turbocharged 3S-GTE under the hood and full-time AWD, it's perfectly suited for our own backyard here in Canada. This one i'm driving on dirt today is a stock example of the ST205 generation that ran from 1994 to 1999. Toyota built only 2500 of these, none of which were sold in North America. After Toyota was banned from the WRC for a year, the Celica eventually died a slow and painful death and while modern technology in AWD and rally cars has far surpassed what we enjoy from the 90s, this Celica GT-Four will always hold a special place in automotive history. Enjoy!

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