This 400HP MR2 Turbo Breaks All Rules of the Mid-Engine World!

Today we're driving an incredibly special and well-built 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo SW20! An undeniable classic in the Japanese car world and one of the most striking 90s turbo cars that is still affordable for the capabilities out of the box. Chris has built his MR2 over the years, taking both inspiration and valuable driving lessons from his first MR2 and then using that as fuel to see his midship vision all the way through to completion. While some may argue building a "stance" or "show" MR2 is a step backward for such a legendary mid-engine platform, the sheer power of this 3S-GTE and attention to all other aspects of the build are able to prove otherwise. Plus, Chris is confident we could perform a quick wheel/tire change with some suspension adjustments and hit the track just to prove the dual personality of the chassis. Best of both worlds. Enjoy!

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