This 450hp 1UZ V8 Lexus IS300 is a Rare, Unforgiving Drift Car | The Perfect Blend.

Recently, Fisch Racing was kind enough to allow me to take their 1UZ V8-swapped Lexus IS300 out onto the street for a quick drive after indulging in some sideways fun a few months ago out at Mission Raceway. The only difference: we filled the nitrous tank this time! This 1UZ makes 290whp "all motor" and 380whp with spray. That's a fairly significant bump in power, especially when the car is holding massive angle halfway through a corner. In addition to a number of drift-specific products, Fisch Racing builds bell housing adapter kits for the CD009 to Rotary, UZ, JZ, LS, and soon RB engine applications. Enjoy!

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