This Ultra-Rare 1999 Nissan Stagea 260RS is a GT-R Wagon by Autech.


Today we're driving one of the most notorious JDM wagons from the 90s.. and this one isn't notorious because it's unreliable or possesses any other less than ideal traits like that. It's notorious for having been blessed by the engineers at Nissan and specialists at Autech who decided it would be a good idea to stuff the Skyline GTR's infamous RB26DETT under the hood. I'll keep it short: it paid off. Not only that, but Godzilla's AWD system was also brought over, in effect creating the ultimate blend of luxury and all-weather performance. On both the street and the track. This 1999 Nissan Stagea 260RS is one of the most rare enthusiast vehicles that will be legal to import into the USA in a few short years, and the market is picking up quickly because of that! We hope you enjoy this quick drive in one of Nissan's greatest driving family vehicles ever to roll off the production line.

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