Track Testing in a 1UZ V8 Lexus IS300 Drift Car Built for Competition!

Welcome back! Today I had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of Fisch Racing Tech's 1UZ and 6-Speed CD009-Swapped Lexus IS300! What you're about to witness is a colorful attempt at drifting on track for the first time by yours truly. Full of mistakes and terrible hand movement, it's clear the driver to car ratio was WAY off today haha. I'll accept that. But it was worth a shot! Not linking corners yet, but what I did begin to learn with this setup (more than some other forgiving cars I've driven) is extremely precise throttle control. I was trying to control the slide way too much with my hands rather than with my right foot. Although crashing the car on the first run did taint the rest of my day a bit, and thus this video isn't exactly what i'd hoped it would be for you guys, I'm excited to get back out there! More videos with this car to come. Enjoy.

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