We Found the Largest Fast & Furious Car Collection in the World!


Welcome back! This is the FIFTH and FINAL episode of our Fast and Furious series here on Roads Untraveled, featuring a number of iconic replica builds from the franchise and one hero truck used on set in the 4th movie. Jorge lives in Edmonton, Alberta and has been a part of the F&F replica community for awhile now, drawing inspiration and knowledge from some of the most infamous names involved in creating the original movie. Below you'll find timestamps to each specific question if you'd like to jump around! Enjoy.

0:56 - How many cars do you have?

1:16 - How did you end up with the worlds largest collection?

2:21 - What got you hooked on the Fast & Furious franchise?

3:05 - Where do you store all of your cars?

3:51 - Tell us about the cars behind you.

6:03 - Which car are you most excited for?

7:19 - Which cars are you building next?

8:57 - Can you share any memorable stories?

10:18 - Do you have any final thoughts?

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  • José R Rosario Lugo

    Saludos tienen algunas réplicas para venta

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