We Found Two LEFT HAND DRIVE Nissan Skyline R34 GTRs! | Genius or Destruction?


Here in front of us are two Nissan Skyline R34 GTRs that have been converted to LHD! (Left Hand Drive). Of course, the Skyline GTR was never originally sold by the manufacturer as a LHD vehicle, so enthusiasts have made quick business sense of this by converting a portion of these vehicles with the intent to drive them in countries or jurisdictions where it is either prohibitively expensive or unlawful to drive a RHD vehicle on public roads. Up until today we had never come across any LHD-swapped JDM vehicles in Canada, but if this is any indication of what might begin to land on American soil in a few years, it'll be interesting to see what GTR enthusiasts make of this! Do you think these cars are worth less now? or more? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!

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