We Launched Our Honda "The Yeti" Off A Ramp Engulfed in Flames!


We are back with a very exciting announcement video! This video is the beginning of a new segment we are starting on our channel. In order to help give back and share more cars, we have started a viewer video of the week contest. We receive a lot of emails from fans all over the world wanting us to feature their cars on our channel. Unfortunately, because we are located in Canada it is not always possible to do so.

To participate in this series, all you need to do is film a short video showing off you and your car and upload it as an unlisted video to Youtube. Then email us the link at info@roadsuntraveled.com or by completing the form at shop.roadsuntraveled.com/pages/contact-us We will then select the best video to play at the end of our weekly features, so get creative and have fun! As we mentioned, Jesse's car experienced some damage during this stunt and we are trying to repair the car for the Gambler 2020 rally this June.

To help Jesse with this, we have created a 20% off coupon code that can be used on every item in our store. All proceeds will go towards getting the Yeti back on the road. Just use the code SAVETHEYETI at checkout to take advantage of this deal. https://shop.roadsuntraveled.com/discount/SAVETHEYETI Thanks for watching!

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