What it's Like to Drive a Veilside FD RX-7 in the Real World.

Today Marcus is driving an icon in the Japanese car world; a Veilside FD Mazda RX-7. Powered by a street-ported 13B REW rotary, Ohlins suspension, and a number of HKS and other authentic JDM parts, this example is in the midst of a refresh for the upcoming driving season. 

This is one of the few Veilside FD RX-7s in Canada, very closely resembling Han's car from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. I feel like most people have an idealized picture of these JDM widebody cars being a showroom-quality piece of work, simply because the quality of the kit is top-notch and the price + wait time from Japan creates a sense of exclusivity. The reality is, it is incredibly easy to put together a terrible example of a Veilside RX-7, especially if the plan is to put miles on it. The last word you want someone to use to describe your car is "fragile," or "flimsy." Most of the quality comes down to hours spent building and refining your specific car.
The goal is to avoid Tesla-like panel gaps and inconsistent paint/finish while minimizing any potential contact between the tires and fenders. Strength and longevity are the goals. Happy to say that's not the case with this particular example. Since acquiring the car, the team at Time Club Autosport has spent hours tweaking the fitment to avoid any unnecessary adjectives and create a car worth driving.


Enjoy this quick drive!


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