Where is the AMT3 Custom Ninja Trike Now?! | Catching Up With AMT Machine Shop


Hey guys! Today on the show we've got a very special guest we've been meaning to catch up with for quite awhile now!

We came down to Adam's Machine Shop (AMT Machine Shop http://www.amtmachineshop.com/) to talk about the past few years and what projects have caught his fancy ever since our episode on his custom Kawasaki Ninja-Powered Trike went a little bit viral (2.5M views).

AMT shares the space with Steveston Motor Co., a company dedicated to the restoration and more importantly, the customization of classic Minis. https://stevestonmotorco.com/ Look out for more in-depth video features on a few of Adam's latest creations soon! We'll be shooting an episode on his AWD, widebody Mini very, very soon! :D Enjoy.


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  • omar orellana lopez

    hola, saludos desde Perú, trabajo en la fabricación de un coche similar al AMT 3, partiendo de los criterios ahí expuestos, con la logística que puedan alcanzar mis recursos.
    hice este modesto proyecto,
    lo que motiva que debo realizar uno como el AMT 3, gracias por compartirlo.

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