This Tuned 380 HP Golf R is a Middle Finger to the Audi S3 Sportback

If you're not up to speed, the Mk8 Golf R uses essentially the same rear torque-splitting differential as the latest Audi RS3. It's able to send up to 50% of the torque to the rear, and 100% of that torque to either the left or right wheel. Manipulating you into believing you're driving a rear-biased car 😂 I'm fine with that.

Similar but not the same as the Focus RS and GR Corolla.

This particular R owned by @mk8_r69 is the last Mk8 I'm going to drive for a VERY long time! I've driven all 4 Mk8s that I want to drive: 6-speed GTI, DSG GTI, 6-speed R, and now DSG R. This one's tuned on a @unitronic stage 1+ gbX tune. Should be around 380hp.

There's now 40+ minutes of myself and various owners/tuners talking about the Mk8 on my channel so I feel I've said everything I can say about the chassis. Enjoy!

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