The PERFECT Toyota AE86 Engine Swap?! | Go Home, Purists

This car has been around the block! I last drove it in 2016 when we shot a video with our friend @thebcroll 

He had swapped in this S2000 F20C back in the mid-2000s to help it slam curbs at the track just a little harder. @adamturbo1 did the fab work on the car originally to fit the engine, Toyota Yaris power steering and a few other custom details.


Now under new ownership it's gone into a bit of a retirement. That doesn't mean it's not putting in work anymore, it just means it's a bit more streetable than it's previously assigned track duty required of it.

New parts, new owner, new life. @decadedrivers

What a car! It's just so lively and happy to whip the rear end around with just a little flick. It just eggs you on in a way most modern cars don't. Feels like a toy.

The F20C is the perfect swap. Still true to the original 4AGE feel (16 valve, N/A 4 cylinder), just with a ton more power and torque.

P.s. this one began life as an SR-5 so the gap is even larger.


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